Even more Dialogue is coming!

Thanks to all our supporters and participants we had such an amazing 17th World Business Dialogue.

A new team of 30 students from Cologne just started to continue working on a great experience.

Stay tuned for the latest information.

Impressions from this year's Dialogue

For the 17th time in history, the World Business Dialogue took place at the University of Cologne on March 13 and 14, 2014. The conventions’ topic was Disruptive Innovation and their impact on businesses and society as a whole.

The 17th World Business Dialogue brought together 300 corporate executives and founders – the leaders of today – with 300 aspiring students – the leaders of tomorrow – and facilitated a discussion on an equal footing. The content of their discussions focused on the question, which impact disruptive innovations have on prevailing as well as future business models and the global society.


This year the spotlightwas on Disruptive Innovation. What makes an innovation disruptive? How will these effect our business models and how can companies protect themselves from missing out on trends and technologies?

Questions like these were discussed and answered by prominent speakers – from German top CEOs like Michael Bültmann (Nokia Germany) to Silicon Valley Experts like Pascal Finette (Google Giving) or Allen Wirfs-Brock (Mozilla Corporation).
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Bill Gates

Valerie Bockstette

Prof. Dr. Axel Weber

Dr. Mathias Döpfner

Dr. Markus Conrad

Carlo Vassallo

Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz-Josef Radermacher

Dr. Daniel Mahler

Dr. Auma Obama

Dr. Josef Ackermann

Heinrich Deichmann

Paul Laudicina