Homesharing – Ergo Direkt Project

Six students from around the world, each of them with a different educational background, developed a product in partnership with the Ergo direkt insurance company which focuses on the growing homesharing market.

In order to learn more about homesharing the six students travelled from city to city and spent the night at the homes of hosts who were ready to share their place with visitors. Soon the students realized that it is way cheaper and more comfortable than a hostel. Furthermore the hosts were locals and glad to show them around.

Together with the Ergo direkt insurance company the students build a website prototype ( which focuses on three different components.

First the news section to inform customers about the developement of the market, second it summarizes all the important homesharing providers and the third component is the offers section, in which you can book a place to spend the night and also rent a matching insurance.

These insurance offers are examples, selling them is not possible yet, but they will be needed in the future because of the current risks.

If you share your home commercially you are not insured against theft and vandalism, none of the damage dealt to you will be payed by your insurance, but with the student developed website it will be easy to book and easily providing security for hosts.