#10 Tareq Hübener – Meetings – A Frame for the Future

#10 Tareq Hübener – Meetings – A Frame for the Future

Back in the day, we had two options. Either the telephone or face-to-face interactions. The purpose of the conversation determines which one is more fitting, although most people prefer the social aspect of a meeting in person. Spontaneous conversations, activities, and ideas emerge which could’ve never arisen in a telephone-like business talk.


The next step in our evolution took place rather abruptly and worked in the manner of the survival of the fittest; To stay on top of things, being able to adapt best to current surroundings is crucial. The necessity of video online meetings came into being. Thankfully, the required technology was already fully developed at a time we needed it the most.


That is what constitutes the present state-of-the-art, so the question arises: What’s next? How will things evolve? I’m a firm believer in the fact that such developments happen organically and cannot be stopped or pulled back from. Just as you can never re-experience or recreate the atmosphere of a unique social event. There is some sort of spontaneous magic that is out of our grasp or right at the edge of our perception.

Returning to the posed questions, again two options would’ve seemed viable. However, the very sentences you just read before clearly indicate my inclination to one of them. In the first scenario, circumstances return to the status quo before the arrival of a certain pandemic. Unlikely. In the second one, we go with the flow and embrace a novel way of handling meetings. That way will emerge as an amalgamation of all the possibilities, experiences, and new-found preferences we got. The most fitting, efficient, and useful tools will stay and evolve even further. Everything else is destined for oblivion. Most of us would not return to stressful commutes after having experienced the convenience and practicality of online meetings or working from home.


However, the scale needs to be balanced out. Instead of trying to predict what exact change is going to occur, I tried to offer some guidelines and create an outline in which the future could be found. That seems to be the best way to prepare for something new and unknown, whose silhouette we can barely make out in the dark. While also being open to new ideas and impulses so that we don’t force anything into a tight frame that doesn’t fit.