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#14 Vedant Sharma – A Personal Retrospect: Evolution of Technologies in Workspace

Born in the 90s, my interaction with technology was extremely little as the technology was still at its primitive stage. The use of technology (as heard from elders) was limited to older PCs, landline phones, fax machines and even typewriters! With the birth of 2G, long-distance communication became easy and readily available! Common storage devices included floppy discs which stored kilobytes of data! Those were simpler times.  

In the 2000s, I remember my father buying a Nokia phone and using it for his work. That was the first wireless phone which we had used! He also used one of those older PC models for his work. 3G made it possible to share media securely! Even the internet was faster! Storage also expanded, with the introduction of CDs, VCDs and DVDs. But the technology was still premature.

In the 2010s, I bought my first phone, an iPhone. I was in awe of the touch screen and what all it could do! Laptops became thinner and more portable. The technology was evolving at light speed. Humans were accomplishing 20 yearsworth of work in 5 years! The changes were seen everywhere, especially in workspaces. Online video calls were introduced, and these made working from a distance much easier. No longer did people have to travel for every single meeting. 4G made it possible to stream content online, which was the reason behind the boom of video calling platforms. Blue-ray discs and eventually cloud storage became common and storage wasnt an issue anymore. 

Were now in the 2020s, and technology has only gotten faster and more modern! Video calls and conferencing are the norms. Even other technologies have evolved, such as phones, which are now sleeker (e.g.: foldable phones), and laptops which can do much more! As we are going deeper into this decade, were witnessing the birth of 5G. Transfer speeds will no longer be a waiting game! Loading times will be in seconds! But whats next?

What was the need of going through the evolution of modern technology?

To understand the future of something, its past must be examined first. One fact that we can learn from this is that technology evolves at light speed! And that has lead to some drastic changes in our workspace.

  • Currently, a massive number of employees use a laptop for their work. As time progresses, laptops might be replaced with something even more intuitive!
  • Currently, a lot of technology is connected to the internet. As time progresses, all technology would be linked to the internet, even a toaster!
  • Currently, lots of communication is happening via video calls. As time progresses, all communication might happen via video calls. We might not even require laptops or phones for video conferences. A hologram is an idea that is discussed a lot when it comes to future communications!
  • Currently, a lot of data is stored on physical media. As time progresses, all data might be stored on cloud platforms. Its a lot safer there and having access to it anytime is a boon!

It is the 31st of September 2021 as of me writing this article. I have been employed for over a year, yet I havent visited my company’s office due to the pandemic! Has that hindered my work? No! All work is easily being managed thanks to technology. A lot of companies have even declared a Work From Home (WFH) for all their employees till the end of 2021. Why? Because they believe that with the current technology, employees dont have to be in the office to get work done. And with time, at the rate technology is evolving, this will only become a norm! Maybe more companies might offer a WFH scheme, and for longer periods. With the evolution of technology, work is going to become easier to accomplish. But will that come at a cost? Will technology make humans lazier?Will the ease that the technology offers override the hard work that should be put into achieving a task? I leave it to you (reader of the article) to answer.