5 reasons you haven’t bought your ticket yet




Hey there! You have been chosen to become a part of the World Business Dialogue in Cologne this year! What a great opportunity! You don’t have a ticket though? Here are some possible reasons why you haven’t got one yet:



1. You are under the impression that the ticket is insanely expensive and it costs about 500

Well, that’s far from the truth. There are different prices for students and companies. This is a conference organized by students for other students like you. The Dialogue generates no profit from the conference and we want to give you the best experience possible. For instance, if you buy your ticket until 21st January, you get a reduced price of 149€. It is a huge difference, isn’t it?





2. You don’t know who else is coming?

Join our Facebook and Linkedin groups and get in touch with delegates from all over the world. 

Share your experiences, ask questions and concerns and see how the others’ preparation is coming. A trouble shared is a trouble halved! Our team will do their best to support you and answer your questions!








3. The ticket still seems a bit pricey?

But it is definitely worth it! Participate in a 5-day conference attended by a number of prominent personalities, meet plenty of like-minded people, establish a lot of new contacts and so much more! You can also get inspired by our brilliant speakers, engage in an executive session with renown executives and start-up leaders or solve real-life company challenges in a Creation Lab. Cologne is also absolutely breathtaking with its beautiful architecture, rich culture and picturesque landscape.






4. The accommodation and the ticket price are still a bit costly?

Have you considered crowdfunding? You can fund your trip by using an online platform and some generous people might give you a helping hand. Some delegates have given it a try and their creative endeavor has been met with success. Another option is to ask your university for assistance. The conference is a great bonus for your future professional development and it might get sponsored by your educational institution. We can issue a certificate for you, which you can hand over to the university as proof for your participation.






5. Despite that this might be the greatest conference that you will ever visit, you still don’t feel like coming?

You have been chosen among a huge pool of candidates and the waiting list is long. Please let us know if you are coming as soon as possible. Your decision is very important to us, but if you are not going to participate, we would like to give another applicant the chance to become a part of the adventure.





The Dialogue in March is an excellent opportunity to experience 5 amazing days filled with learning new things, having exciting adventures and a great holiday all at the same time. If you want to save both money and time, don’t hesitate and buy your ticket. In just 5 days you will make lots of new contacts and friends and be changed forever.

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