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#6 Dhron Choudhary – Future of work after Covid-19 pandemic

Before the covid-19 outbreak, commotion to work majorly involved new technologies. But amidst covid situation, jobs that require physical touch have seen an extensive transformation by going online, and many of the firms have to shift their business models. On-site customer interaction arenas like frontline workers who interact with customers in retail stores, banks, post offices, and many more have switched to e-commerce or digital platforms. Leisure and travel businesses where they must meet their daily customer have changed after the covid-19 situation, and many of them have started working on a limited basis. In the future, due to the shift of the work from home environment and reduction in business travel and automation of some occupations will curb the demand in this area—the outdoor maintenance fields such as construction sites, farms, and residential and commercial grounds. Covid-19 has the most negligible impact on this industry due to low proximity and few interactions with others. 

Perhaps the most dramatic change has happened in working style. Most of the workplaces have shifted to working remotely. According to McKinney statistics, 20-25% of the workforce in advanced economies can work from home for three to five days a week. Skills like negotiations, brainstorming sessions, critical business dealing will lose their touch. Some companies have a positive experience of this and will implement a flexible workspace to reduce the space and bring fewer employees to the office. Remote work will significantly threaten the airline industry as communication mode in workstation has now shifted to online like virtual meetings. Other kinds of virtual transactions like online banking, streaming entertainment have also taken off. Many companies have adopted AI in warehouses, call centres, manufacturing units, and grocery stores. Work areas with high human interactions will see the most excellent acceleration in embracing AI and automation.

In times like covid-19 staying and working from home is an excellent option to work. It will take time to get back to the regular schedule until and unless everyone is vaccinated from the virus.