You are currently viewing #7 Qhayiya & Lungile – Technology and digitalization in the workplace: A bar conversation between Mr. North and Ms. South.

#7 Qhayiya & Lungile – Technology and digitalization in the workplace: A bar conversation between Mr. North and Ms. South.

Mr. North: Since the dawn of time, progression and innovation has been on man’s mind,

Since the dawn of time, obsession over creation has been on man’s mind,

Since the dawn of time, inventions catalyzed the shift in various paradigms,

Profits equal power, so who cares about lives where true life lies in the accumulation of nickels and dimes?

And speaking of nickels and dimes, I think it’s time we push technology to the forefront in the workplace so revenues can multiply!


Ms. South: What about the digital divide?

Inequality is rife and digitalization can only leave so many people behind,

You speak of the advancement of technology before the advancement of womxn lives,

Do you speak of digitalizing where I and many struggles to get reasonable 9-5’s?

It seems your idea of progress is my idea of demise,

Because what’s progress if only a select few can enjoy the prize?


Mr. North: You have got to realize that this is bigger than you,

Technology can bridge the inequality gap between those with skins of different hues,

Technology can give insight to those who previously had no views,

Technology can enlighten those who initially had no clue,

So spare me the womxn chat and work hard so you can have assets to accrue.


Ms. South: You see, that’s where you get it wrong,

You give fewer opportunities to us but tell us to be strong,

And then you tell us that you are tired of hearing the same old gender equality song,

But you hire more men and think we womxn will feel as if we belong?

So slow down on the technology conversation and focus on us,

Because digitalization in the workplace can only create more mistrust.


Mr. North: Okay okay, but don’t blame me for your miseducation,

Because if you had the skills you would be guaranteed some sort of placement,

And the accolades you have accumulated can’t be blamed on a system that’s apparently “racist”,

And don’t even start criticizing capitalism because that’s just tasteless!


Ms. South:  Mr. North, stop being defensive,

I’m not disputing the importance of technology because the stance in my debate wouldn’t be impressive,

I just want you to be a little more conscious and attentive,

Because what good will technology be in the workplace if the truth won’t permeate and the corporate world remains deceptive?


Mr. North: I’m just trying to make the world a better place by promoting the advancement of technology to make daily life easier,

But you make everything I say seem like I’m getting more ignorant and greedier,

So please tell me what I should do next,

Because everything I say seems to be met with contempt.


Ms. South:  Technological advancement for the sake of development isn’t the problem,

But the pre-existing biases also need to be identified so we can solve them,

Your mind is in the right place and I see you want to speed up mankind’s pace,

Just be aware, it’s not meant to be a one-man race.


Mr. North: How are we meant to move forward if we keep dwelling on the past?

I’m trying to make sure we all eat good and gain benefits that’ll last,

Everything I do is to benefit all of us,

Tell me how I’m wrong instead of making a fuss.


Ms. South: Let me try and break it down so you can understand,

Many womxn in this world do not get a fair chance to get to where they currently stand,

Twice the work for half the reward yet the system is supposedly equal,

Factoring in technology without implementing real change and all you get is inequality coming in for a bigger sequel,

You assume your advancements will make the world a better place,

Yet you refuse to acknowledge the underlying problems that womxn face,

Technology will not take what’s broken in an attempt for it to get rectified,

All it’ll do is to contribute to it and the issues will get magnified,

And even then you’ll probably still go on and deny, deny,deny,

Contributing to those systems you claim are apparent and saying it’s all a lie,

Tell me if you see where I’m coming from Mr. North,

And tell me if your way is still the best if we’re to move forth.


Mr. North: I hear what you’re saying and I have a confession,

I feel like you’re talking to me in a tone of aggression,

Talking about womxn and all the oppression,

Yet I don’t see you coming up with a single suggestion.


Ms. South: That’s because I’m trying to make you gain some perspective,

But I can see that my methods aren’t proving to be effective,

I find your claim of aggression mildly offensive,

You hear me, but you’re not being attentive.


Mr. North: So let us find a consensus and agree,

That technology is as important as employing a woman with a degree,

But the other points you make are kind of hard for me to see,

But I guess if you start making valid points then I’ll comprehend your plea.


Ms. South: It comes as no surprise why you fail to comprehend me,

That would require for you to step into my shoes and see the world for what it is before what it could be,

Development of any kind, technological or otherwise, is important and I concede,

But so is the inclusive progression of womxn incorporate places so we all get a fair chance to grow and succeed!