You are currently viewing #9 Sanskriti Jindal – Digitally Evolving World: Country- level Emphasis of Present & Future

#9 Sanskriti Jindal – Digitally Evolving World: Country- level Emphasis of Present & Future

The world’s economies and cultures are undergoing a rapid digital transition. We are now entering a new era, propelled by a convergence of technologies that are gradually blurring the barriers between the physical and digital realms and pushing the limits of what computers can achieve. These new technologies — and the new business models they enable, based on data – are forward-thinking and revolution in action.


This massive transformation requires the countries to take a human-centric digital approach, addressing significant cybersecurity and environmental damage issues while meeting societal challenges and ensuring economic improvement. Here are 5 country-level factors for an immediate and permanent focus to be competitive yet responsible sailors in this journey:


  1. Promoting Research: It is often said, ‘Innovation drives economies.’ But what drives Innovation? It is research! It is the scientists and researchers discovering, innovating, and exploring the ‘new thing’. The new technology, the new method….a more optimal solution. As technologies grow, we can produce more with much less effort, which enhances productivity and, hence, the economy.
  2. Welcoming Diversity: Relaxing barriers hindering talent mobility and increasing grants for national and international students is the best bet for a country aiming a global leadership. We might be a large Earth, but we are a digitally small world with potential customers not limited by borders. Diverse consumers call for diverse teams. Additionally, to be a global front runner, ‘best national talent’ is no more enough for shark companies to flourish.
  3. Data Security: We are more exposed to digital criminals than robbers. Today major threats a country is facing are digital in nature. From data robbery to cyber attacks, the risk is graving. It demands advanced control both on an individual and a national level.
  4. Environmental Incorporation: Emphasizing eco-friendly tech-based alternatives and digital solutions for climate risks demands to be incorporated in every algorithm. We have a terribly short time to prevent irreversible damage to nature, and aggressive action for environmental protection in each part of every process is unquestionable. Additionally, with the growing climate awareness, environment-focused products and actions could be a huge differentiating factor in global markets and perception.
  5. Increasing Tech Accessibility: A country must reduce economic disparity and create equal opportunity for its citizens. With the wave of digitalization, providing tech facilities and tech education across all age groups and locations is essential for an optimum development of human resource. 


Although digital advancement has been at light speed, we are still in the initial phase of the digital revolution. New technology brings new challenges, new opportunities, and a new approach. The only way forward is a holistic adaptation to our contemporary world.