World Business Dialogue 2018 Speaker

The (working) culture is increasingly becoming the focus of organizations – and with it the working atmosphere, which is supposed to create a bond between employees and the company. A prime example of an organization with a modern culture is Google.
Bill Duane played a central role in this for a long time: As a former “Superintendent of Well-Being”, the US-American was responsible for increasing the well-being and resilience of employees and thus also productivity in the Group for a period of five years.
After his time at Google, Duane is now helping various organizations create a modern culture.
Prior to his role as Superintendent, he worked as a senior engineer at Google and was responsible for the technical development of Gmail, Docs, Hangout and other Google products.
After studying at Kalamazoo College in Michigan from 1990 to 1994, Duane joined various IT and consulting firms in 1994, before joining Google in 2005.
During his 12 years at Google, Duane has worked with a variety of people and teams from around the world, developing programs for the well-being of each individual, team and organization. They became part of Google’s culture.

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