“what this conference does for you is too exceptional, special and incomparable”


Before I started writing this article, I was singing along to that song which goes like-
“Baby, I don’t need dollar

bills to have fun tonight.

But I don’t need no money.

As long as I can attend WBD.”


Wait, isn’t that how the song goes? Oh. I guess I will have to re-educate myself in the world of contemporary music.
However, the lyrics to the song I just created are not half bad. I wonder what life would have been like if I had not gotten the chance to attend World Business Dialogue in the wintry March of 2017.


Let’s see, I would not have an amazing group of friends from various countries who let me in on their traveling sprees on a daily basis. Side note: We have an EXTRA LIT WhatsApp group of more than hundred people and I see them as my family now.
Or, I would not know the precise meaning of discipline and punctuality. And, I would not be well-acquainted with the feeling of having a stellar roommate and being one, myself. Folks, I have just put it out there that I was an amazing roommate as well. Therefore, I am taking off my Cool-person Sunglasses off.
The list can continue forever. Seriously, when I came back to India after attending this conference, I kept repeating adventurous stories of this event to my mother and to everyone in earshot.


“I understood the true essence of adjusting to new environments and adapting to them quickly.”


Before attending this conference, I had been in a box. A box that was comfortable, luxurious and secure. But when I tore out of this box and landed my bum in this conference, I realized that bursting out of your comfort zone is a good thing, after all. I understood the true essence of adjusting to new environments and adapting to them quickly. The last few lines make me sound like a reptile or something. Could be true, with all the conspiracy theories floating around these days.


“…I looked at everything from a very different perspective.”


Anyway, I come from an extremely literary world. I gulp Thomas Hardy’s works for breakfast and snack on Harry Potter in the evening. But when I was here, I was thrown into the whirlwind of business-y stuff. It was a good-kind of change because I applied all my writing skills to real-life corporate problems. Further, I looked at everything from a very different perspective. I was asked to be a part of a group project and give a presentation later about a unique invention that we had to collectively come up with, I attended hours long lectures about Transformation in Transportation and throughout all that, I was learning about the precious nature of making friends from all spheres of the globe and comprehending the German lifestyle, their eating and drinking habits.


I can still remember the exact moment I sipped Kölsch- a beer brewed in Cologne, Germany. I think it tasted similar to what Michael Fassbender’s soul might taste like-sacred, delicious and slightly addictive.



If someone asks me which event I would like to attend in March 2018 and gives me two options-WBD or any amusement park, I would choose this conference in a heartbeat.
Don’t get me wrong because both options are magical and breed unforgettable memories, but what this conference does for you is too exceptional, special and incomparable to any other place.


Author: Avantika Singhal


Avantika is from Jaipur, India. She completed her high school education from MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur. And, she is currently waiting to study English Literature and History from Trinity College, Dublin. Avantika is an aspiring Poetess and a Movie enthusiast. In the future, she would like to become fluent in languages like German and French.

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