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Daniel Duarte

The co-founder of the German company koakult GmbH and World Business Dialogue Alumnus Daniel Duarte is giving us some insights about how he aims to be a Responsible Leader and what challenges he has to face. He explains how he takes responsibility towards his employees and stakeholders. Also, what social entrepreneurship and Responsible Leadership mean for him. He points out that the aim of an entrepreneur should always be the impact and not the supply chain of the company.

Daniel Duarte was studying in Cologne when he and his friend had the idea for coffee alternative with cocoa and Guarana seeds. They both didn’t like the taste of coffee but needed to stay awake for late-night studying. The idea for the company was born.A few years before, Daniel Duarte was a part of the organizing team of the World Business Dialogue Conference at the University of Cologne. Since then, he kept his social entrepreneurial spirit and is developing all the products of the koakult GmbH sustainable and fairtrade.