Delegates of the Dialogue: Cihan Sügür


Delegates of the Dialogue: Cihan Sügür


From a Dialogue Delegate to Porsche AG. Cihan’s career path is inspiring! Find out what he has to share about his life, friendships and adventures in our latest DoD post!


What is your favorite anecdote, which happened during the WBD?



During the WBD 2012, I had the chance to meet the CEO of the Deutsche Bahn AG at the time, Dr. Rüdiger Grube. After his keynote, we had a short chat and he handed me his business card out and invited me to apply for a job at his company. I did so and signed my contract 2 months later. Definitely, this is my favorite anecdote of the WBD :-).



“met the CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG […] and signed my contract 2 month later”


Are you still in contact with others from that time – what’s your connection to them?


Yes, I am! Just the same year, I visited Joseph Fong in Hong Kong, we’re still good friends and do Skype from time to time. Or during the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) conference in Taipeh, there have been a lot of WBD friends as well, for example Moritz Baier, who’s working for Goldman Sachs in New York nowadays. Furthermore, I made a roundtrip through Central Asia this fall and visited in Baku Maksud Tuayev and in Tashkent Timur Chutbayev. And of course my best friend Sezer Yalcin, who actually introduced me to the WBD. I just visited him a few months ago in Zurich, where he is working for the German management board of Blackrock. So you see, when you have been to the World Business Dialogue, you have friends all over the world.




“when you have been to the Business Dialogue, you have friends all over the world.”


Did the conference impact your career path?


Definitely. After sending my application directly to the Deutsche Bahn CEO, I started an 18-month International Management Traineeship at DB Schenker in Frankfurt. 6 countries, 6 departments and an intense onboarding phase. At the end of my 4 years there, I served as Teamlead European IT Governance. All in all: the beginning of my career was triggered by and during the WBD. Therefore, I’ll always be thankful to the conference and everyone who is working for it.




Could you generate value through your participation?


I hope so. Already 2012 and 2013 we have discussed topics of digitization and digital society. This shows us how progressive the WBD has been and still is. Especially during my time as an Ambassador 2013, I think we could contribute to making the delegates feel good before, during and after the conference.






What are you doing nowadays?




During my time at DB, I was headhunted by Olympus Europe as Head of IT Strategy & Transformation EMEA in Hamburg and did that for two years. Just this month, I began my new job in the IT management of the Porsche AG headquarters in Stuttgart.


How do you feel when thinking back about your time in Cologne?

Cologne is known for its Rheinländische Frohnatur, which means that these people do not worry too much if things go wrong. And this is how Cologne hosted us during my two World Business Dialogues: Open-minded, kind and joyful. And course, we do have crazy memories of the Party of Nations and for example. All in all, Cologne was a blast.


Author: Cihan Sügür


Cihan is currently working as an IT Demand Manager for Porsche AG. He started as a dual student at IBM and studied in Stuttgart (Germany) and at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Through his participation at the WBD he was offered a job at Deutsche Bahn AG.

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