People of the Dialogue: Darlyn Jendges


People of the Dialogue: Darlyn Jendges


Read why Darlyn became one of our Managing Directors  and what drives her to work for one whole year to organize a conference for you! 


Why did you decide to join the WBD?



I don’t think I could answer this question solely with rational arguments. Sure, you can network incredibly well, you can develop further and upgrade your CV. But there’s something else which is hard to describe. Something that goes beyond the numbers, dates and facts. It is the team dynamics, the spirit and the infinite possibilities. You broaden your horizons, grow with the team and experience an unforgettable time. And this intangible feeling you already get at the very beginning, it captivates you and you can’t help but dive in.


“it is the spirit and the infinite possibilities […], it captivates you and you can’t help but dive in”


What is your favourite anecdote that has happened so far? 


The closing of the 21st Dialogue was the most memorable one. I had the honor of thanking the delegates and delivering the closing speech. But what do you say in a moment like this? How can you put your emotional chaos into words? The joy of having experienced the week, the gratitude for all the wonderful moments with marvelous people. But also the sadness that everything is all over now. Long before the closing, my tears kept pouring and I asked my colleague Adriano to step in if I was lost for words. But when I stood on the stage and looked at all the expectant faces, I knew that I could make it. That I had to make it. Because these people deserve it! And what should I say? I was actually able to hold back my tears until my last words. And I am still proud of that. I wish everyone who ever doubted themselves could see what I saw there. Because then all your doubts would be blown away.




“I wish everyone who ever doubted themselves could see what I saw there”

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How did the WBD influence your career path?


As I am still one of the managing directors of the team and therefore cannot objectively assess the influence yet. But from my point of view a lot has already changed. I know which areas are fulfilling me. I have been able to gain insights into many companies and their culture. And I have developed new skills and grew to become more confidence. I can’t say exactly where my journey will take me, but I know that my time at WBD will have a significant impact on my career path.


Could you generate value through your participation in the team?


I think everyone who is part of the team always creates value because everyone here contributes to the development of the team. So, I would say that I was able to give value to the team and the organization. Of course, I have invested a lot of work, sweat and passion and I can look back on a number of measurable results. But I also think that I was able to personally support a few members and develop them along the way. And I attach much more value to this output than to the numbers I have been able to achieve.


What are your plans after WBD?


First of all, I will continue my studies in psychology and work on my master thesis. It remains to be seen where I will end up afterwards. I am interested in various companies and fields of work. However, I will probably still accompany the WBD during my studies and occasionally visit our office to see how everyone is doing. I have to admit honestly that I am a little afraid of the time after the conference. My everyday life will change completely and I won’t spend every day with our chaotic office people anymore. But I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead while always remembering this time.

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Author: Darlyn Jendges


Darlyn is currently working as Managing Director of the World Business Dialogue. She is a Master student at the University of Cologne with the focus of business psychology. 

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