People of the Dialogue: Marina Mihaylova


People of the Dialogue: Marina Mihaylova



You want to read more about the Dialogue people, here is the next interview from our PoD series! Read the blog below to find out what has changed for Marina as being a World Business Dialogue team member for almost a year.

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Why did you decide to join the WBD?




A year ago, I joined the World Business Dialogue as part of the support team at our 21st conference. Although I had already heard a lot about the organization and the whole event, I was not sure upon what I was embarking. I had respect for the high level of proficiency and performance and my admiration became even deeper when I experienced how one of our ordinary university’s buildings got transformed into something magical. At once, it was a magnificent forum hosting hundreds of young professionals from all over the world. Everyone was excited, full of energy and craving for this new adventure. It moved me. Speakers, delegates and team members connected to create an ecosystem of agile minds and unravel the challenges of tomorrow. I knew I wanted to contribute more and go through the whole journey from creating something from sketch to the real, emotional and life-changing experience at the end. Besides, I found it intriguing to know more about the changes in the process of learning in the digital age, so the topic of the 22nd World Business Dialogue just got me.




“the cultural and professional diversity within the team was one major contributing factor for our success”


What is your favorite moment so far?


Oh, it is hard to pick one. I am a team player and a very sentimental person, so the whole time spent with my team is something I will probably never forget. I enjoyed all of the numerous team events and now when I go through the memories of the past year, I cannot stop laughing when I think about our Christmas party and the silly challenges we had to complete. I don’t want to reveal any insights jokes, so just three words: ice, t-shirt, and speed. Also, there was always a lot of beer pong playing on and we had even the chance to test the excellent basketball skills of one of our beloved curators at the special autumn team building. I am looking forward to standing side by side with my team at the conference and deliver the adventure we all are working for.




“the WBD became a small family to me”

How did the WBD influence your career path?


When I started working for the World Business Dialogue, I had a lot going on. I was a part-time working student and simultaneously was writing my master thesis. In my free time, I was already voluntarily supporting another student organization as an alumnus. Sport, hobbies, time with friends and family were also on the top of my list. It was and still is sometimes very challenging for me to balance between my engagements. To be honest, I had difficulties with setting the right priorities and often felt frustrated finding myself caught in between my greed for perfection, death lines and work overload. Then, one of my managing directors reminded to me – “Try to apply the 80/20 rule.” It helped me to crystallize my goals and stay focused on my personal strategic plan. I am still learning, however, this golden rule and the time in the organization not only remind me who I want to be, but showed me how to become this person – experienced, self-confident and optimistic.


Could you generate value through your participation in the team?


The beautiful at the World Business Dialogue is that everyone is involved in the pursuit of organizing the next unforgettable conference. We are united by the common purpose and have similar mind-sets. Being part of the team means that everyone of us contributes with his/her personal knowledge and experience from the first day. Everyone is required to take a lot of responsibilities and this gives you the great opportunity to challenge yourself, go out of your comfort zone and learn something new. At the beginning, I was part of our Research and Content team and correspondingly, together with my colleagues developed the conceptual framework of the conference. Now, I am a Marketing team member and make sure that you, guys, are up to date with everything happening around the conference. However, the greatest value I generated in the team was probably taking and giving feedback.


What are your plans after WBD?



I recently completed my master’s degree in business economics, so after the conference, I am looking forward to my further professional development. During my studies, I could gather a lot of voluntary experience engaging myself in various social projects and the World Business Dialogue showed me once again that everyone of us can make a difference and inspire. I wish myself a colorful job with alert and open-minding people who shape the market of tomorrow. Delegates of the Dialogue, we will meet again!

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