Comment to the EU-elections


Comment: Alankrit Kharbanda



Our ambassador Alankrit Kharbanda calls the EU the “guardian of ethics and moral”. In line with the EU elections, Alankrit explains in a short statement what the EU means to him



Europe over the past few decades has become the guardian of ethics and morale across the world. It sets an example in very extreme terms, from dealing with humanitarian aid and refugee crisis, to data privacy and copyright laws. Europe’s outstanding human rights record has lead the developing world to follow it. However, from an outsider’s perspective, a United Europe is the only strong form of Europe. Alone Germany or France or the UK may not posess enough clout to deter polarisation of the world like during the Cold War. A strong united Europe offers the world an alternate power to align to which believes in economic and human resource development rather than war, military or economic. The incoming European parliament will decide the fate of a post Brexit Europe, which makes it all the more important as this parliament would have to ensure that this is just a setback and not the onset of a darker future. On the other hand, from the perspective of the developing world, any deal which forces Britain to look for trading partners outside the EU is better, especially for English speaking countries like India and the Philipines.

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