People of the Dialogue: Maximilian Dautaj


People of the Dialogue: Maximilian Dautaj



The series of Delegates of the Dialogue continues with a new blog article. This time our dear IT-specialist Max Dautaj shares his story and tells us more about his personal and professional gains from the World Business Dialogue.


What is your favorite memory from the World Business Dialogue so far?


To be honest, there is no “one favorite moment” from the World Business Dialogue. This year was my 3rd Dialogue. I am still behind the Dialogue Master, Alankrit, but I experienced a lot. I was in the organizing team for the 21st WBD, we discovered the mentality of the lotus, (delegating the tasks that you are givento other people) that our printer has PTSD. This printer has more seen in this office than anyone else, so this explains why it functions only sporadically. We cooked a lot of food and I showed the team what Spätzle are. They are delicious self-made noodles from the south of Germany, where I was born.Even the time we had to deal with the boring legal stuff was quite fun if you do it with the right people. So, there is no one single best memory from the WBD. There are loads of them and probably a lot more to come – who knows what my function will be at the next Dialogue.



“even the boring stuff (…) was quite fun if you do it with the right people”

Are you still in contact with others from the conference – what’s your connection to them?



Actually, yes. I am currently living with Arkadi, who was one of the Managing Director for the 22nd WBD. Furthermore, I am in contact with the other Managing Director from last WBD Darlyn. We share the same passion for cooking. I am still in contact with some of the others, some are working in the same area as I am. I was more or less the sous chef for the 21st WBD, we cooked several times a week and my old team still sometimes hit me up to cook together. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of contact with the delegates or other participants besides Gabriel. We used to work together, and I am in his organizing team for a TEDx Ehrenfeld.

Has the conference impacted your career path?


The WBD influenced my career path quite a lot. I am still studying social sciences with focus on sociology but my work at the WBD was in the IT Department, restructuring and reorganizing the organization. I am not completely certain whatI will do in the future, maybe combining IT and sociology or working as an IT consultant.I am not sure what my future holds for me but I think it will be a heck of a ride, regarding that on average you change your profession every seven years.


What are you doing nowadays?


Of course! I gained a lot of self-confidence while I participated. You have no mentor and there is no guide, especially in the IT. You have to imagine, there was no IT Department at the WBD for several years. The first things I did when I started was to rewire the whole office, implementing slack, trello, hubspot and a bunch of other tools together with Max Stern. The International Relations Department and I also automated the whole application process and tried to digitize as much as possible. I also redesigned the stage to the best of my ability
because there are strict rules about the dimensions of the stage and which tools you could use (just to think of a fog machine is pure madness). But not the designof the stage is important. What happens on the stage is what everybody remembers. We had the luck to get DanRam as our Master of Ceremonies and together with Tim, a good friend of mine and an event director, we planned the program on the stage by the seconds. And I am glad to say, that this year, we redefined what we started last year.


What are you up to now?



I dropped out of the WBD just to have another job the week later. I didn’t even apply for it, I got a call with the message: “We thought you are working for us, where are you?”The company is OSCAR, a young professional consulting company.I did take charge at, you guessed it, the IT Department. And I am also restructuring the whole Department. Different company but the same work. One thing is certain, I will never stop redefining and optimizing things to a certain extent.In my spare time, I am still studying social sciences, sophisticating my cooking skills, meeting my friends and spending more time with tech.

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Author: Max Dautaj


Max was involved in three conferences a member of the supporting team, a core team member and program manager. Currently, he is working and studying in Cologne.

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