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People of the Dialogue: Mehdi Siddiq



Here is the next blog article from our series People of the Dialogue: Mehdi Siddiq embodies the motto “Work hard, party harder”. He has already won the 1st prize from two Creation Labs while epitomizing the party monster. You want to find out how he does it? Check out what he has to share in our latest DoD article.

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What is your favorite memory from the World Business Dialogue so far?




My favorite memory of the Dialogue so far was when we were all in the auditorium and Dan Ram made everyone scream the name of their countries. That feeling when all students from all across the world are under one roof and they scream, andyou get to shout your country’s name is the best feeling ever. It gives you a sense of pride when you are representing your country. This shows a sense of unity amongthe students. Everyone there represents his/her nation and we as a community love everyone around us.




“(…)we as a community love everyone around us.”


Are you still in contact with others from the conference – what’s your connection to them?


I love this conference which is why I make it a point to come every time. I come to make connections with everyone possible. Students come from all over the world and they bring amazing stories. I come for the conference and its people. And yes, I’ve been in contact with a few since 2016 and every year the numbers grow. I met a Russian who deals in cotton and we are in touch in order to do business. You get to know about different cultures and languages from around the globe and build a connection with the people.

Has the conference impacted your career path?


Well, before I came to this conference for the first time, I was not very confident. With the passage of time this conference has built up my self-confidence and it has improved me as a person, thus giving me the ability to make better decisions in my career choices. You get to learn from other people’s experiences and apply them to your daily life. This opens up horizons for you when you get an opportunity to learn from others. I feel more focused in my career and I now think on a much broader scale.


What are you doing nowadays?


Well, I was working for a PR Agency and I recently quit the job to shift to another agency. I was in the client servicing department in which I would meet heads of companies like Unilever and come up with ideas to improve the presentation of their products in the market. On the side, I run a small business where I manufacture garments like jackets, t-shirts and supply them to schools. The goal for this is to eventually export. One should not restrict himself to doing just one thing. One should explore his own potential. I took part in the Battle of the Brains by Evonik and won an Ipad as first prize in 2016. In2018, I took part in the Creation Lab for Wiso and once again my team won. This year the Keynote session of Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon was very interesting and his view of the German economy and how it has managed to maintain such a strong economy over the years was quite insightful. The panel discussion consisting of Sandra Navidi, Raphael Gielgen, and Nikola Stojanow were amazing as I really liked the idea of networking and how these panelists view networking. Since networking is a major part of my job, this panel discussion was helpful.


What advice would you give to students who think about applying for the World Business Dialogue?



YOLO (You only live once)! Come and enjoy the largest student-run conference and learn from the experiences of the notable speakers and go home with memories to cherish forever. This is the place where students from around the globe unite to discuss ideas, explore possibilities and together make the world a better place. The best piece of advice I would give is never to hesitate in applying to a conference. You never know what comes your way and doors open up for you. Apply to this conference, change the way you think, learn and give back to society and you are bound to make the best of friends.


“This is the place where students from around the globe unite to discuss ideas, explore possibilities and together make the world a better place.”

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Author: Mehdi Siddiq


Mehdi Siddiq is an entrepreneur from Karachi, who has his own business and has been involved with the Dialogue since 2016, winning the Creation Labs in 2016 and 2018.

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