Delegate of the Dialogue: Michail Kosak


Delegate of the Dialogue: Michail Kosak



And a new blog article from our series Delegates of the Dialogue is online. This time Michail Kosak is standing in the spotlight. Check out the story of our amazing delegate who burns for innovation, entrepreneurship and digitization.


What is your favorite memory from the World Business Dialogue so far?


It really isn’t one specific moment, but the many deep conversations I had with
other delegates, members of the organizing team and speakers (the awesome
host Dan Ram included).
I discussed many topics with different people from all over the world and those conversations with people from a completely different cultural background really makes you reach a deeper understanding of your own views.
One example is a conversation with my fellow delegate Rinae Musekene from
South Africa. He almost didn’t make it to the conference because he missed his
flight and was worried he would miss the chance of a lifetime. Thankfully his
father was able to pay for another flight and only asked for one thing in return:
that his son empowered and helped others whenever possible.
That really showed me how far we are willing to go to have a positive impact on
Conversations like this one enable us to truly understand each other as human
beings and be grateful for the privileged life we live.



Are you still in contact with other delegates?



I still regularly meet and talk to local delegates and members of the organizing team – even though Cologne is a big city, it sometimes feels very small, so we bump into each other a lot.
I also still frequently talk to other delegates from all over the world through social media and hope to meet many of them at future dialogues or visit them in their home countries.

What did you take away from the conference?


I was also able to show my network how valuable an international conversation is. Many people showed interest in the conference and loved seeing my content related to the WBD on social media. It made me incredibly happy to see how much traction my posts gained since I think one of the most important things in life is to be aware that we’re not alone on this planet and we can only learn from connecting with others.


What are you currently doing?


I’m finishing my second semester of my master studies in international business in Cologne. I’m also quite active as a community builder in the local startup scene. I have supported a Startup Grind and the Founder Institute and also worked for a local company called Digital Hub Cologne, that promotes digitalization and matchmaking between SMEs and startups.
In July 2019 I will embark on my next journey: a semester abroad in India’s capital Delhi! My goals are to get to know and understand the local culture, learn some Hindi, taste the beauty of Indian cuisine and dive into the local startup scene.
I look forward to learning from Indian entrepreneurs and support the local startup community.





What advice would you give to students who think about applying for the World Business Dialogue?



While reading the text above you should have already sent in your application! The conference is just fantastic! You learn so much not only about current topics and their impact, but about yourself – talking to that many people from various cultures definitely broadens your horizon and changes your perception.
This experience will shape your future life and open many doors for you. You get to know ambitious people from all over the world – they truly inspire you to become your best self.


“(…) talking to that many people from various cultures definitely broadens your horizon and changes your perception.”

I hope to talk to you at the World Business Dialogue 2020!

Author: Michail Kosak


Michail is studying International Business in his 2nd semester in the Master’s program in our beautiful home city Cologne. He is also strongly committed to the local start up community.

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