striving student by day. future shaper by night.

We are…

…not more than a couple of committed and eager young students.

But not less than professional and striving business shapers.

The perfect mix of

pioneering spirit

Every single dialogue team member has it’s own drive to create and strive for success! This is the reason for making constant progress.

young independency

Being independent and therefore having the possibility to produce new ideas and just try them out.

longtime experience

A business network built in 30 years from serial entrepreneurs to DAX CEOs. Every single Alumni is a piece of the puzzle we take our experience from.

We are always looking for some bright-minded team members for our dialogue team!


You are motivated, committed and want to put your skills to the test? Become a part of one of the largest economic conferences – the World Business Dialogue.

The Dialogue Team



Member of the Finance & Controlling team.

Can prepare an amazing créme brulée.

Professional poker player.

Loves to ski.



Member of the Corporate Relations team.

Considers his self an EU citizen rather than being German.

Learned a whole children’s encyclopedia as a child.

His Pokemon Go trainer code is 5429 3815 4279.

Feel free to add him!



Head of the Eventmanagment team.

I almost always wear black.

My nickname is Happy Hannah.

I’m not actually the chatbot, they just stole my identity.



Member of the Marketing team.

The only German studies student in the team of economy related students.

One of the tallest girls on the team.

Loves watching trash tv.



Head of the IT team.

Starts her coding sessions with “Clubbed by death” from Matrix.

Somewhere between martial arts and meditation.

Enjoys great food.



Member of the Corporate Relations team.

Studies economics in Bonn.

Passionate football player.

Is a huge fan of “Big Mike” and “Gianni La Bamba”.



Member of the Finance & Controlling team.

Always suit up!

Has a faible for politics.

Looks on the bright side of life  didüm didüm didüm didüm… cheers!



Member of the Finance & Controlling team.

Adores motorsports (cars and motorcycles).

Snowboarding is his favorite winter sport.

True Cynophilist.


Hach Amar

Head of the Corporate Relations team.

Has Moroccan roots, even if she doesn’t look that way.

Has a bad (but beautiful) shoe stick.

The plants in her apartment are up for a life-threatening challenge.



Managing Director responsible for IT, Speaker Acquisition, and International Relations.

His spirit animal is the Secretary Bird.

Has his own saber in the office (to keep his co-workers in check).

Adjusts his glasses at least 314,159 times a day.



Head of the Research & Content team.

CCO (Chief Coziness Officer).

To-Do lists are vital for her.

Couldn’t live without cheese and The Big Bang Theory.



Member of the Corporate Relations team.

Very clinging-unfortunately to fireworks.

Appeared once as a purple bear in the wild of the city.

Would rather eat a tide pod than see the Patriots win another Super Bowl.




Managing Director responsible for Marketing, Corporate Relations, Finance & Controlling, and XDesign.

Studies psychology.

My first dream job was housecleaner.

Played football for 10 years.



Member of the Eventmanagment team.

Born and lived in Cologne for her whole life.

Proud owner of the cutest dog alive.

Loves the Cologne carnival.




Member of the International Relations & IT team.

Most efficient while everyone else is sleeping.

Never came to the office in a bad mood.

Beer Pong professional & master of puns as well as anti-jokes.



Member of the Corporate Relations team.

21 years young.

Would never bring salad to the office.

Chocolate addict.



Member of the Marketing team.

Passionate about the automotive industry, but without driving experience.

Best baker of banitsa.

Traveler and connoisseur of food.



Member of the Eventmanagment team.

Always “just in time” for meetings.

Everyone just calls him Papa.

Owns a weapons collection that makes even Arkadi jealous.



Head of the International Relations team.

Is the official teddy of the office.

Originally from Chile.

Knows the best sayings for every situation.



Head of the Finance & Controlling team.

The workhorse.

Pepsi Max>Coke Zero.

Techno lover.

Head of the Alumni Management Team and member of the Finance and Controlling Team.



Head of the Human Ressources team.

Studies economics at the University of Cologne.

Protects Team members from burnout.

Would always go swimming.



Member of the International Relations & Corporate Relations team.

Lost the control of his social media half a year ago.

Sport enthusiastic.

Drives like a maniac.



Managing Director, responsible for Alumni Managment, Eventmanagment and Human Ressources.

Doesn’t drink coffee.

Likes pretty much any sport.

Get your third fact about me for just 4.99$ Buy now: only a few facts left!



Member of the International Relations team.


Half romantic, half realistic.

keeps giggeling when she’s feeling shy.



Member of the International Relations & IT team.

Has studied Physics.

Ignites everything that falls into his fingers.

Can open a beer with any object from the office.



Member of the Eventmanagment team.

50 % coffee addict.

30 % unicorn.

20% disliking math.



Member of the Marketing team.

Is 2.08m tall, he uses his size mainly as an advantage at the beer-pong table.

In love with Star Wars.

Will never say “No” to a beer (unless he has New Year’s resolutions).



Head of the Marketing team and member of the Human Ressources team.

Never been on a rollercoaster.

Would rather walk 2 steps at a time instead of using the elevator.

Starts decorating for Christmas at the beginning of November.



How can I join the dialogue team?

Write an email to one of the members of our Human Resources Department and tell us why you would like to join us and which team you are interested in. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email:

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  • How did you become aware of us?

  • How did you become aware of us?
  • Languages

  • How fluent is your english?
  • Department

  • In which department are you interested the most?
  • What else is interesting for you?
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We are currently looking for support in the following areas:

Thomas Biedermann

former Member of the Executive Board,

TÜV Rheinland AG

“Students benefit from being part of the OFW by taking over entrepreneurial responsibility at an early stage and extend their intercultural competences.”

Thomas Wessel


Evonik Industries AG

“Besides the professional qualification young people gain beyond doubt during their study, companies especially pay attention to the personality of a potential employee. The work at OFW imparts the ability to work in a team, organizational skills, self-reliance and foresight – competences of inestimable value for personal development.”

Bernhard Mattes

former Vice President,

Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD),

Ford of Europe

“Being part of the OFW offers a magnificent opportunity to aquire practical entrepreneurial experiences alongside one’s study and, at the same time, enhance personal abilities. Against the backdrop of digitalisation as well as innovation capacity, this is of special importance and a preperation for a successful carreer.”

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