World Business Dialogue 2018 Speaker

Dominik Schiener started programming very early on. At the age of 14, he developed a hack for a popular video game. He received so many requests to share the program that he decided to sell it. Shortly afterwards he created a successful marketing website. However, a fundamental problem ran through all these processes. He had to be of legal age in order to be able to freely determine a bank account, be it with a conventional bank or online payment services. This dilemma has been taken up perfectly by the trend towards creating alternatives to traditional financial systems following the financial crisis. Schiener began to deal with block chain technology very early on. This was followed by a wide variety of cryptocurrency-related projects in various European countries. Today, Schiener is only 21 years old. His current project, the cryptocurrency IOTA, has become so successful that it is now among the top 10 most important cryptocurrencies. It brings a lot of what distinguishes Schiener personally: Innovative strength, willingness to establish and non-conformism. IOTA distinguishes itself above all by the used tangle structure, which enables a more efficient scaling than conventional cryptographic currencies. In the panel “Synthesis”, Dominik will therefore talk about the applicability of blockchain systems for organizations in different areas of use as well as about micropayments in relation to IoT devices and give an outlook on the medium-term future of the industry.

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