Register on our new application tool right here. Set up your personal account, network with all other registered students and follow the depicted application process to apply for the upcoming World Business Dialogue during our application periods. Keep up with us on Facebook to get the latest news on our application periods!

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the World Business Dialogue. There are no special requirements apart from being enrolled as a student in an educational institution. You will need your CV as well as thoughtful answers to our motivational questions. If you are a young ambitious person and have already been between 1 and 5 years on the job you are eligible to get one of our young professional tickets, which can be found on right here

There is no deadline for the application yet. However, if you want to get matched into the formats taking place from Monday until Wednesday, we highly recommend applying as early as possible. If you do this accordingly, you will also have the chance to get a reduced ticket price.
We will most likely close the application phase in early February.

Your letter should answer the following questions:

  1. What does the future of Learning look like to you? give us your definition and opinion.
  2. Why do you want to participate in the WBD?
  3. What are your expectations regarding the WBD?

You will find this questions along the process. You do not need to create a separate document for it.

Yes, provided that only one year has passed by since your graduation (at the time the Dialogue takes place)

Students from any field of study can apply. The conference is not exclusive to only economics students.

1. Networking with companies, speakers and other top students

2. Gaining new insights into current and future topics

3. Sharing ideas on different topics and learning views from a multitude of cultures

4. Learning to apply your knowledge and to find solutions fast 

5. Finding out how to get into the fitting job after university

Full sponsorships are available in a few Creation Labs. How to be eligible depends on the Lab.

Applicants  will receive an email confirming their successful application. Unsuccessful applicants will also receive an email to inform them of their unsuccessful application.

No, you may only apply once for the World Business Dialogue in 2018 until it is over. Next year, however, you can apply again when applications open for the World Business Dialogue in 2019.

All successfull applicants have received emails with the ticket prices for the 23rd World Business Dialogue. Our prices start with 99€ in the first application phase and increase gradually from 129€ for the 2nd application phase over 159€ up to 199€ for the last minute ticket.

All accepted delegates have been contacted with more information. If you are a successfull applicant and have not received your ticket information yet, please contact the International Relations department via email: apply@dialogue.team.

You have to apply for a Schengen visa. If you indicated accordingly in your application, you will receive an official Visa Invitation Letter to the 21st World Business Dialogue. We can get in touch with your embassy to assist your visa application.

You can promote your start-up by networking at the convention during the Dialogue Week. For further information send us your pitch to apply@dialogue.team and our IR department will get in contact with you.

The percentage breakdown differs from year to year. Most students though come from Asia and Europe. Due to data protection reasons, we unfortunately cannot share the exact percentages.

Please note only PDF documents will be able to be uploaded. The size of the documents should not exceed 5MB.

There is an option to select “other”. Please do so and in your CV and motivational letter note what your field of study and university is.

Unfortunately, once an application has been sent off it can no longer be edited. Therefore, please be careful and double check your info before sending off your application.

Please note that we live in different time zones to most of you. We will not be in the office 24/7.Your emails and messages will be read and answered within 24 hours .

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