You are currently viewing Future of Responsibility Episode 11

Future of Responsibility Episode 11

„Leadership is important but I don’t believe that hierarchy in the 5 up to 10 years from now would be important anymore.”

The last video of our video series „The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen focuses on the topic „Vertical Campus”
First, Raphael shows the structure of a vertical campus and the benefits this structure offers. He explains that instead of building a new campus the thought of a vertical campus is to build above the already existing buildings.
Also, he gives insight into what the different levels could look like, and rather they have something to do with hierarchy or not.
Next, he talks about the opportunity of a digital version of the vertical campus. Raphael explains that we are in a transition time and that we have to rethink digital spaces since social connections are really important.
Finally, Raphael points out that ordinary headquarters would not succeed anymore.