You are currently viewing Future of Responsibility Episode 7

Future of Responsibility Episode 7

„Learning is so normal like reading“

Consistent to the Vitra Summit 2020 we are presenting you the next video of our video series „The Future of Responsibility“ with Raphael Gielgen.

This time the video focuses on the topic „Campus Community“.
First Raphael speaks about the reasons why we still should go to the office in these strange times. It provides a cooperation experience.
To underline the importance of these kinds of buildings he mentions the World of Sport from Adidas in Bavaria. He thinks you are closer to the brand and there are options for various opportunities how to deal with the space. 
In addition to that, we ask him how to create working zones on a campus. His answer is the recommendation to make work visible. 

What do you think about it? Would you prefer staying home the whole time or do you think working in the company a few days is important too?