Future of Responsibility Episode 8

“Every physical space, every physical activity would get in the near future a digital twin- this is the enter of virtual universe “

Regarding the next episode of our video series “The Future of Responsibility” with Raphael Gielgen, we would like to introduce you to the topic “Virtual Connectivity”. Let´s start with the definition of a virtual universe according to Raphael: It consists of a physical and a virtual architecture which both should be considered as siblings- not equals. Considering the steady processes of new software he hopes that in less than five years from now there is the possibility to walk through the Vitra Campus to learn more about good designs and the development of new products and their technologies. In conclusion, Raphael states that in the future our workplaces can be everywhere – not only in the headquarters- thanks to the steady improvement of Hard- and Software. 

What do you think about the connection between our physical and the visual world? What kind of advantages do you think this development could create in the future? Would you rather continue working in your regular office or somewhere else?