“The most important thing is the friendships I made”


Name: Waleed Wasti

Age: 23

Country of origin: Pakistan

University: Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Studies: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, currently doing his Master in Management Engineering


Is it this World Business Dialogue the first one you attend? 
W: No, it is my second time. I already attended the World Business Dialogue in Cologne in 2014.


Why do you attend the World Business Dialogue again? 
W: I think it has to be the friendships I made in 2014. Later on I visited them and they came to visit me and I thought I really got connected with a lot of people and I think the most important thing I took from the dialogue, was the friendships I made. Gonna keep coming back for more.


What did you gain from attending the conference? 
W: In 2014 the topic was Disrupted Innovation and there was a lot of focus on Big data and now I ended up working at my university with Big data. It is interesting because I attended that conference way back and I spoke to my professor about it and we ended up collaborating about those topics. It is interesting to come here and find out things that you normally would find much later and you come here and you are the first one to hear about these things.


What did you gain from attending the conference this year? 
W: We had a very interesting executive session with an oil company and it was heated, some of the questions were very hard and it is good to have that.


What was your favourite moment so far? 
W: I think it has to be every night when we are back at the hostel, go upstairs and just have a very meaningful conversation at 3 in the morning. I really enjoyed to just discuss the day and what happened. I think those are the best moments so far.

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