World Business Dialogue 2018 Speaker

Kemal Malik has a passion. As a doctor, he not only wants to cure illnesses by containing them with medication, he also wants to eradicate them completely.
Malik worked in clinical medicine for several years before moving to research at Brystol-Myers Squibb. In 1995 he joined Bayer AG, where he was appointed Chief Innovation Officer on the Board of Management in 2014. For Malik, innovation has always been a key to achieving his dream of completely freeing people from disease.
But how do you invent such a procedure? Is it better to promote innovation yourself or to buy up promising start-ups? As a leader, how do I take care of innovations? How do I create spaces for it? Which technologies will have a major impact on our future? Malik will talk about these topics at the 21st World Business Dialogue.

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