#1 Sudhanshu Gupta – Yours digitally

#1 Sudhanshu Gupta – Yours digitally


Yours Sincerely Digitally,

The enormous disruptions caused due to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 accelerated companies’ technological advancements to deal with their fragile and anti-resilient environment. These new advancements had led to the development of highly integrated and more streamlined ‘Digital Workspaces’, which can successfully address the issues related to companies’ volatile operations, fragile supply chains, untrustworthy information and radically new customer needs.

I would call a digital workspace to apply new-age technologies like AR/VR, AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT to people, process, and places to enable a truly ‘SMART, EMPOWERED, AND CONNECTED ENTERPRISE’.

Companies that have flourishingly adjusted to these realities have become highly robust in their operations and mastered the change. Instead of steady future growth, digital workspaces have helped the companies exploit their resources and skills to their best level and achieve the highest addressable profit, allowing them to bounce back swiftly after the latest economic crises.

With the emergence of Digital workspaces, people can now carry their personalised workspace in their pockets and wear it on their wrists. They can work anytime, anywhere, destroying any limitations or boundaries in their way to work or use their skills.

Digital Workspaces have a significant role in attracting, cultivating, engaging, and retaining the organisation’s talent. It has changed the way businesses used to work. The high level of flexibility in communication and collaboration allows employees, co-workers, and managers to connect easily.

With more businesses adopting the remote software, flexible working, and other facilities provided in DWs, the demand for physical workspaces will drop, the offices will become smaller.

Once a tight space, the offices will undergo extensive change as the workplace’s digital revolution gets intense.

Now is the time to design the future office with modern ideas.

There used to be a computer in your office. Now, it’s the other way round. The future is flexible.