People of the Dialogue: Nico Ledda


People of the Dialogue: Nico Ledda


Here is our first article from the series People of the Dialogue (PoD). Here, you can find interviews with individuals that are involved in the organization or collaborate with us. This week we talked to our precious jewel, our Master of Disaster, the fetching Nico, who is a member of the current International Relations team. Find out what he has to share!

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Why did you decide to join the WBD?



I became actively involved with the WBD like many team members before me when I was recruited for the supporting team at the university. So, I participated in the 21st World Business Dialogue as a supporter. While working there I got insights into how the team functioned and decided that I want to have a more profound impact on such an amazing event. Seeing first hand how these young people work together voluntarily gave me the impression that the WBD is a great platform to learn and develop as an individual, which is now cemented into my mind completely.



“I want to have a more profound impact on such an amazing event oder lieber the WBD is a great platform to learn and develop as an individual”


What is your favourite anecdote that has happened so far? (anecdote – a short story based on your personal experience)?


It is hard to tell which is my favourite anecdote so far as so much has happened in such a short period of time. One of my many favourite moments was when I was a member of the supporting team and my main task was to help with the event management and the catering. Although I didn’t participate as a delegate I met a lot of interesting people and I had a few stimulating conversations even with speakers. A situation from the Köln Sky event springs to mind. At the time despite having a lot to do, I was able to take part in a fascinating conversation with Bill Duane from Google and a few other students about the future of work.
I think that these moments make the WBD special and are the reason why so many students come to Cologne every year. In a friendly environment you learn and grow, you visit a lot of panels and keynotes with the most skilled experts and professionals and you even have the chance to talk to them in private while having a drink. You can’t compare the WBD to other conferences, because the combination of these factors is unique.




“You can’t compare the WBD to other conferences”

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How did the WBD influence your career path?


During the first semester of my studies at the University of Cologne, I became involved with the organization. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Mathematics as I have always fancied the seductive allure of numbers. In the WBD, however, I am not a part of the finance team as you might expect, but of the international relations team. This does not conform to the stereotype that mathematicians are geeks and can only have a decent conversation about differential equations. The Dialogue allowed me to develop my communication skills a lot as I have to talk to international students on a daily basis and solve different problems. Furthermore, my time here kindled my interest in technology and I might say that I’ve become quite tech-savvy now.



Could you generate value through your participation?


Yes, of course. I generate a lot of value through participating. First of all, I think that I became much more self-confident and aware of my abilities as I took on heavy responsibility from the start. Through my work there, I developed a mindset, which makes me tenacious even when I am faced with impossible deadlines and formidable tasks.
Secondly, I made a lot of new friends at the WBD. We are young people and have a lot of fun. The evenings that we spend together in the office are really memorable because the atmosphere is welcoming and congenial and you can be your true self. For instance, I am a good-natured prankster and spending time at the office boost my creativity immensely, if you know what I mean. 


What are your plans after WBD?


I will finish my bachelor’s degree and become an alumnus of the Dialogue for certain. I’m excited about what the future might bring and believe that the best is yet to come. 


Author: Nico Ledda


Nico is currently working at the WBD. He started as a member of the supporting team and after the conference in 2018 joined the core team. He a part of the International Relations Team, but he’s also responsible for various tasks in the IT department.

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