People of the Dialogue: Simon Lübke


People of the Dialogue: Simon Lübke



The series of Delegates of the Dialogue continues with a new blog article. This time our former Head of Event Management shares his story and tells us more about his personal and professional gains from the World Business Dialogue.

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What is your favorite memory from the World Business Dialogue so far?


My favourite memory is the time around our 21stWBD – the week before, the so-called construction week, the Dialogue Week (as long as I can remember it) and the few days afterwards when we were totally exhausted but deconstructed the whole venue. Every day of the construction week the whole team came together for a lunch (and most of them were already in the office 24/7) where we as the event management team explained everything that was going to happen. This lunch and the days in the office created a huge sense of belonging in the team. During the conference, my favourite memory was a moment during the Culture Panel on Friday. Everybody was excited for this panel. Therefore, the whole venue was empty and every delegate, visitor, ambassador and corporate gathered in the main stage. Many of our team members were joining too, if they had no other task to do. I had been responsible for the overall operation of the conference and was very busy during the two conference days, so this was the only panel I was able to visit. I just watched the panel and the delegates and felt that Dialogue Spirit. I felt why everyone came together for this whole event and what we as the team created.



Are you still in contact with others from the conference – what’s your connection to them?



Regarding the Dialogue Team, the answer is obviously yes. It was such an amazing and demanding time with the team that I stayed in contact with most of them or at least had a cheat every now and then when I met them in university. I also meet many on a regular basis, for GoT or other movie sessions, for board games or just for a night at a bar.



“I felt why everyone came together for this

Has the conference impacted your career path?


The WBD and my time at the Dialogue Team obviously improved my personal skill set, regarding hard skills like planning an extraordinary event or soft skills like leading people during this event. But in how far these skills will improve my career I do not know right now as I am working in a completely different area as a student assistant at the German Economic Institute, supporting the research in the area of Behavioural Economics and Business Ethics. However, I got in contact with this job during my time in the Dialogue Team. Mr. Fröhlich, one of the members of the board of trustees, is the Deputy Director and Head of the Corporate Centre at the German Economic Institute and therefore I talked to him during his visit at one of our team meetings to get in contact with the head of the research unit I was interested in.


What are you up to now?


Currently I am in my second semester of my master in Economics at the University of Cologne. I am still working as a student assistant at the German Economic Institute. This is very interesting because I can support the researchers in my favourite area, Behavioural Economics and Business Ethics. Furthermore, I am looking forward to my semester abroad in Milan at the Universita de Bocconi after the summer.

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Author: Simon Lübke


Simon Lübke, 22 years old, has a Bachelor in Business Administration and is currently completing his Master of Economics at the University of Cologne. He was Head of Event Management as part of the core team from April 2017 to April 2018. He believes himself to hang around the Dialogue office more than he should and enjoys Handball and Cello.

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