World Business Dialogue 2018 Speaker

Until the end of 2016, Taavi Rõivas was at the head of a country considered to be a pioneer in digitization. Every year top politicians from all over the world, including former US President Barack Obama, come to Estonia for information and advice on digital administration also known as eGovernment. From 2014 to 2016, Rõivas was the then Prime Minister and, at 34 years of age, the youngest Head of Government in the EU, overseeing the country’s destiny, expanding digital administration and shaping the state’s culture in a sustainable manner.
In January 2015, Rõivas introduced the so-called e-Residency: This will allow people from all over the world to create a digital identity in Estonia without being citizens of the country. Among other things, the digital identity enables them to set up companies in Estonia.
Since a coalition reshuffle at the end of 2016, he has been sitting in parliament as a simple member of parliament for the liberal Estonian Reform Party.
Taavi Rõivas studied at the University of Tartu from 1997 to 2002 and graduated with a diploma in foreign trade and commerce.
This was followed by a series of lectures for the Estonian Minister of Justice and Prime Minister. Rõivas has been a member of the Estonian Parliament since 2007.

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