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Topic Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership is a topic that we can’t get out of our minds  – in particular in times of Covid-19. We wonder: What are the characteristics of a Responsible Leader in the 21st century? How can he or she make decisions in complex and confusing situations, taking into account the interests of stakeholders, the environment and society? 

This is what we want to discuss before we will – finally – define Responsible Leadership, how it can be learnt and how to act accordingly.

How we define it

It means that you know the consequences of your action as a leader and, by doing so, act according to the interests of your company, employees, society and the environment. It is the responsibility of everyone to rank and prioritize these interests in different situations. Afterwards, you have to take responsibility for the consequences.

Do you agree? Do you define Responsible Leadership in another way? Let’s start the Dialogue!

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