We are very excited to present to you this week’s episode of our podcast “The Dialogue” 

which is brought to you by our Hosts Q and Mareen and their two great guests.
Robert C. Wolcott is a leadership strategist and Co-Founder of TWIN-Global. In addition, he teaches at Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Next to him, we had Luis Velazqzuez who is an Investment Banking Consultant and a political science major.

Today‘s topic deals with the importance of sustainability and proximity in our society, as well as the connection that can be drawn between sustainability and leadership. We also talk about globalization in general and take a special look at the surge in online education. Due to the fact that all four have different backgrounds, they exchange their experiences regarding the different accessibility of online education and the issues connected to that. 

We also speak about our favourite words and learn a lot about each other. And if you want to learn more about us and today’s topic please enjoy our new episode.

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(00:24) – Introduction

(01:57) – Presentation of Robert & Luis

(03:15) – Robert’s definition of sustainability

(04:20) -Robert’s definition of proximity

(06:30) – Views on sustainability in sight of Responsible Leadership

(11:30) – Economic changes through sustainability

(13:30) – Online education in lights of Covid-19

(19:00) – The digital divide

(21:00) – Digitalization in academic institutions around the world

(26:32) – Physical proximity: Is it still necessary?

(34:09) – Important aspects of Responsible Leadership today & in the future

(35:57) – The internet age: Chances and risks of information overflow

(42:31) – Outro