Welcome, 2021!
We are starting the new year with some “food for thought” and are virtually traveling to the African continent to meet our two special guests Shaneil and Jonathan, founder of the media platform “Young Professionals Africa” (YPA). Shaneil is working as a management consultant and is chairman of Deloitte’s Africa Millennial Board. Jonathan is an accountant, working in the finance team of a global company. Both are also providing their platform “to have a voice in times of uncertainty”, which is the topic of this week’s episode. 

We are starting with the core idea behind Young Professionals Africa and the importance of virtual platforms, especially during these times. In this context, we talk about benefits and solutions, along with issues that have been elevated by the increased intensity of virtual meetings. Additionally, we continue by considering the question of how to create change and what characteristics are needed to enable change. Then followed by a very encouraging discussion about the relevance of networking and its associated opportunities. We further get some helpful advice on how to navigate and filter through the plethora of daily information. Lastly, we address the vision and goals of YPA for 2021, as well as the new year’s resolutions of our guest speakers, whose focuses are not only on achievements but also on mental health and time for family and friends. 

If you want to learn more about the great YPA and its aim and mission to offer talented young people access to information- and exchange platforms, please enjoy today’s inspirational episode.

Your Guests

Your Hosts


(00:00) Intro

(01:40) Introduction of guests

(03:09) Core idea of “YP-Africa”

(05:40) YPA experience with digitalization while Corona

(08:11) How does YPA advertise speakers for the podcast? 

(10:46) Important characteristics of a conversation company to create change?

(12:47) Personal question: first social platform for our speakers

(15:13) Importance of different social platforms concerning networking

(16:54) Can hashtags and likes influence lives?

(19:02) Advice to youth to navigate through the plethora of daily information

(21:19) Visions and goals of YPA in 2021

(24:10) Personal new year’s resolutions of our guest speakers

(27:48) Outro