In this episode it’s all about tourism and its present as well as future development in regards to the pandemic. We are virtually visiting South America and meet two experts in this field: Natalia and Marcella. Natalia is from Colombia and the leader of the innovation and digital transformation strategy department at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Marcella is our WBD-Ambassador from Brazil and an international relations specialist. Together we talk about an activity that we all miss a lot – Travelling! 


The talk opens with a discussion about the challenges and changes the tourism sector is facing since the pandemic started. Following, we are considering some facts and figures about the impact of COVID-19 on several regions and subsequently highlight the importance and relevance of tourism from a social as well as an economic point of view. In the ensuing part, we then focus on the future of the travel and tourism industry and some potential benefits the pandemic might have brought with it. Lastly, we receive a few insider tips for entrepreneurs interested in entering this sector and additionally reminisce a little over some of our favorite travel destinations.


Come and join us on this episode’s journey! – Because currently, all we can do is to travel in our thoughts and memories.

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(00:00) Intro

(01:42) Introduction of guests

(05:31) Biggest personal change and challenges since corona started

(08:28) What things do you miss the most at the moment?

(08:51) “Brazilians are warm people”

(10:28) The impact of tourism on south africa’s economy

(11:11) The future of the travel industry

(20:53) Beneficial factors under covid

(25:20) Problems for german travel agencies

(26:55) 2020 the year of venture capital for travel technologies

(29:21) Marcella’s advice for travel entrepreneurs

(34:43) What is your favourite city?