We are happy to welcome Swish Goswami in the third podcast episode of “The Dialogue”. Swish is a 23 years old serial entrepreneur from Canada, LinkedIn-youth-editor, UN Youth ambassador and founder of Trufan, a successful social media branding platform amongst other things he did so. Our host Sammy-Miles Geiger talked to him about his first steps and learnings as a young leader, how he is currently leading his companies through the Corona crisis and why Barack Obama is the leader he would like to talk to most.

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(00:26) – Introduction

(02:26) – Swish’s first steps and challenges as a young leader

(10:27) – The most important characteristics of a leader

(17:49) – The role of university in leadership and entrepreneurship  

(23:30) – The responsibility of a community leader on social media

(31:30) – Behind personal branding

(37:09) – How Swish leads his company Trufan through Corona

(44:08) – Why Swish would like to talk to Barack Obama

(45:38) – Outro

Further Readings

1) Swish talks about university and how he managed studying and founding at the same time. In his book “The Young Entrepreneur: How to Start a Business While You’re Still a Student”, you can read more about his experiences, as well as on his LinkedIn profile.

2) In times of Corona, organizational culture has to be adapted and new formats like weekly Check-Ins become more important (Swish calls it “overcommunicating”). Venngage collected “10 Tips for Effective Communication with a Remote Team”. Taking a more general view, Forbes has listed “10 Tips For Working Remotely During Coronavirus”, Inc.com gathered “23 Essential Tips for Working Remotely”.

3) Sammy and Swish talk about filter bubbles on social media. Take a look at the paper “Fake news and ideological polarization: Filter bubbles and selective exposure on social media” (Business Information Review) to get some academic insights on the topic. CNN gives a short overview in their video “How social media filter bubbles work”.

Although he is just at the beginning of his 20s, Swish does not think that his young age is an obstacle for him.

Swish says that he as a young entrepreneur can enrich discussions with new perspectives, insights and experiences.

1) A leader has to listen, to the wishes of his employees as well as to them of his customers.

2) Leaders eat last. Swish says that it means that “if you are truly a leader you should care more about how to make your employees lives easier.”

3) It is talking to other leaders so that you can learn from their experiences.

There is much valuable experience you can gather in college community, i.e. by taking over a leadership position in a university club.

Additionally, university can foster entrepreneurship by involving entrepreneurs who give a lecture. But they should not glamourize entrepreneurship by only focussing on the founders like Bill Gates or Elon Musk, but only on the founding team behind them.

As a digital marketing agency, Swish’s company Trufan is not negatively affected by the Corona crisis. However, they have evolved their business model and changed their focus from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses.

In Swish’s mind, overcommunication is key for remote work. “We try to overcommunicate wherever we can,” he says.

“I don’t believe you can teach entrepreneurship in school. I don’t think you can teach entrepreneurship in a course.”
Swish Goswami
Founder of Trufan