This is a special episode of The Dialogue! For the first time, we have our community on board and discuss with them our recent podcast episodes. Together, we reflect on our podcast and its topics. We invited Victoria Mendoza Martínez, Qhayiya Beza, and Luis Velasquez, students from all over the world who give their opinions on our topics in the area Responsible Leadership. What is your opinion on our recent episodes?

Your Guests

Your Hosts


(00:50) – Introduction of our guests

(02:28) – Recap of the episode with Charlene Li

(07:58) – Recap of the episode with Swish Goswami

(13:20) –Recap of the episode with Lolly Daskal

(19:16) – Recap of the episode with Scott Mordell

(25:39) – Personal takeaways from The Dialogue

Further Readings

1) In this episode we discussed some of our recent podcast episodes with our community. Starting with Charlene Li who talked about leadership in disruptive times. Swish Goswami is another guest we talked about with our community. Both Lolly Daskal and Scott Mordell left a huge impression on Sammy, Kara, Victoria, Luis and Qhayiya.  

2) If you want to know more about our guests, you should check out their LinkedIn pages: Victoria, Qhayiya and Luis.

3) We already have the opinion of other members from our community about some of our recent podcast episodes: Check out our Recap Blog Posts!