We are very excited and proud to present to you the new format of our podcast “The Dialogue”. Our two new hosts, both from different continents, will take an even more international look at future topics being discussed. One of them is Qhayiya from South Africa, who has been an ambassador of the WBD since his conference visit in 2017. Next to him is Mareen, who is living and studying in Cologne and is part of the Content Department of the World Business Dialogue. Of course, these two weren’t alone in this episode. We were pleased to welcome Daniel Leslie and Rishi Badola. Daniel has worked as Managing Partner for Reflexions, a digital innovation company based in New York, since 1999. Rishi is one of our Ambassadors for America and India. He earned his degree at Duke University, now he is living in Dallas and works for Essilor Group as a Financial Analyst.

In this episode, Mareen & “Q” aim to discuss the topic “Tik Tok” in regard to Responsible Leadership. They talk about the reasons why this app is so important and how responsible it is to still use this app, as it is currently being banned in various countries (e.g. India). In addition to that, the question if the data is better secured when being associated with Walmart in regard to Bytedance is also raised during the discussion. We don’t want to tell you too much about the content of this interesting and refreshing episode, so listen by yourself!

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(00:24) – Intro of new format

(01:23) – Introduction of guests

(02:02) –Opinion: Why is TikTok so successful?

(07:30) – Comparison between TikTok and Quibi

(09:00) – Data security issues with TikTok

(13:01) – How should children deal with TikTok?

(19:03) – Shift of ownership – will my data become any securer?

(23:30) – Oracle: A Trump connection?

(25:49) – Rishi’s opinion on the ban in India

(27:30) – Foreign investments & bans in pandemic times

(29:36) – General discussion: Which direction will society take?

(31:37) – Outlook – The next US election and implications for China