Today is the day many people have been waiting for months to arrive.
It is the day of the presidential election in the US! 

Q and Mareen had a very interesting conversation regarding this topic, which might also make you think about the election in a different way, so don’t miss it! Again, we were joined by two great guests: Julius van de Laar, a political strategist and communications expert, who worked for Barack Obama’s winning campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Next to him we had the lovely Sarah Kashef also sharing her perspective. After her childhood in the DC area, she graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Urban Studies, Sociology and Public health. We had a highly qualified conversation centered around the potential Presidential election outcome, which inevitably led to the burning question: What defines a responsible president in the light of Covid? And will this election really have an impact? Furthermore, we talked about the differences in the election systems worldwide and discussed if every vote has the same impact in the US.
This discussion raised the question: Isn’t the US already a “broken” country?  And who is able to make the US great again?

You can’t wait to hear the answers to all these questions? Then don’t wait and listen to our election observation.

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(00:24) – Introduction

(02:02) – Presentation of Sarah & Julius

(05:47) – Responsible Leadership in sight of Covid-19

(10:05) – Will this election’s outcome really have an impact?

(20:10) – Electoral college – A voters perspective

(23:55) – Electoral college – A campaign strategist perspective

(27:21) – Voter motivation

(31:10) – Is the US election system fair?

(33:50) – Sustainability and innovations in terms of the US election

(39:30) – Outlook